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98% of those polled would pay more for the convenience of flying out of Salem. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 98%.

A group of people discussed how to get a major air carrier to fly out of Salem's McNary Field in late 2017.  Since then...
  1. The Fly Salem Steering Committee was formed. It's anchored by the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, SEDCOR, and Travel Salem. 

  2. Private funds were used to buy a "Leakage and Retention Study." This study provided data about how many tickets were purchased in our area, from which zip code, at what cost, and to which destinations. 

  3. Additional private donations were used to hire Volaire Aviation Consulting to develop a Strategic Plan. 

  4. Meetings were convened with major community leaders to gauge the level of interest. We found passion for the idea of air service in Salem.

  5. A community conversation was held at the Salem Convention Center on June 11, 2018 to present the Strategic Plan, spread the word and gain feedback from a wide audience. 270 attended with guests ranging from Corvallis to McMinnville to Woodburn. As you can see in the poll results, feedback was overwhelmingly positive. 

  6. The Salem City Council voted to allow two grant applications to move forward. (Learn more about the ROAR Grant and the SCASD Grant).  

  7. The Salem Chamber of Commerce has agreed to be the applicant and fiduciary for the ROAR grant funds.  UPDATE: Grant awarded, April 2019.

  8. Volaire Aviation was contracted by us to write and submit the SCASD Grant. It's ready to go when the US DOT opens the window for new submissions - expected to be in June of 2019. UPDATE: SCASD Grant application submitted to Federal Department of Transportation on July 11, 2019.

  9. The first meetings with the airlines were held on April 24-26, 2019 in Tucson, AZ. Meetings with United, Alaska, Sky West, and Southwest were encouraging. Meetings with Alaska, Untied, and SkyWest were encouraging. Our community support and statistics were said to be "COMPELLING!" The second opportunity to meet with airlines are at the Take-Off Conference on October 28-29th, 2019.

And now... the business community is raising pledges toward a 1.75 million reserve pool as a tool to recruit an airline. (see details)


Salem is
further from PDX
San Jose is from SFO


47 Capital cities in the US

have air service closer to them than PDX is to Salem.


Everett WA is only 40 miles from SEA-TAC and it has 22 flights per day!

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